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The Paint Experts “How to Measure a Room for Paint”

Video tutorial on how to obtain square footage measurements for... read more

living room after paint

My mom and sister’s awesome paint... read more

How To Paint a Room

HOW TO PAINT A ROOM Copyright Duet Yourself Productions MMX Deleted Scenes:... read more

My Old Room Pt. 1

My old room full of photos, collage, paint, memories, and STUFF. A huge wall collage. Tons of photos. This is my old room from about 1996 to 2003. I didn’t change it much after 99 o 01. I just liked it so much. And it reminded me of High School. I left it that way. Last year my father died, and my mom had to move. I hadn’t lived at home for 6 years but my room stayed the same. It was... read more

301 How-To Paint your Room (from top to bottom)

In this brief video, we show you the best way to paint a room. We begin with starting from the top (ceiling) to the bottom... read more

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