5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Life and Home Organized

Life flows more freely and daily stress is reduced when your life is organized. Reaching that delightful state of organized bliss requires some dedication and possibly a change of daily habits. Simply by following five basic tips, you can become the organized individual that you never imagined you could be.

The first tip to keeping your life organized is to become totally committed to living an organized lifestyle. Your starting point is to examine your present state of organization or disorganization. Target the areas that are out of control. Commit to immediately regaining control of those areas.

Secondly, invest in some organizational tools. This could mean that you need to buy some storage boxes or baskets to assist with the organizational process. Closet and cabinet organizers are wonderful accessories to help you get and stay organized. At some point during the process of getting organized, you will need to make the decision to eliminate clutter from your life. Clutter is a constant threat to organization.

The third thing you can do to keep your life organized is to prevent clutter from coming into your home. Have your name taken off of catalog mailing lists. Keep a trashcan near the door and drop junk mail there as soon as you enter your house. Once you place it on a table to deal with later, it becomes clutter.

A fourth element in staying organized involves maintaining a reasonable schedule. Keep a calendar in a visible location so that you can write down appointments and meetings and clearly identify important dates. Over-extending yourself could have led to the state of disorganization you were in before reclaiming control of your life. Know when to say no to requests that will tax your time and energy.

The fifth tip to staying organized is to designate a time each month to perform an organizational check-up. This is a time for you to look at your desk, your closets, your living room and the kitchen pantry to verify that they are not falling back into a disorganized state. Once you experience the exhilaration of living an organized life you will have the motivation to stay organized. There’s something really wonderful about the absence of frantic searches for car keys, remotes, a certain pair of shoes, a receipt you absolutely must have and the many other things that go missing in a disorganized world.

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