Exterior House Paint Ideas for Siding, Shutters, and Trim

The first thing that anyone sees when he or she sees your house is its color.  The first impression that your house gives is how well that color stands out and how much it ties in with the overall landscape of your lawn.  Although some neighborhoods only permit you to choose from a couple of colors (because of the neighborhood policies) you want the paint color of your house to stand out from your neighbors.  Choosing the best color for your house can be daunting and can frustrate you if you over think what color you think will work best.

Not only do you have to choice the right paint color you also have to determine the paint that is compatible with your exterior finish.  Whether you have cedar shingles or stucco it is best to do some research on the right type of paint that you can use on your exterior finish.  You do not want to paint your house and then repaint paint it a couple of months later because you painted it with the wrong type of paint.  You can read the manufactures recommendations on all of the paint you are about to purchase.  There it says how to apply the paint and also how many coats you should apply to get the best results.  You may also want to check out a local home improvement store and talk to some of the people that work there and ask for recommendations on choosing the paint that’s right for your house.

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Determining the color of your exterior paint

To make the color work for the exterior of the house you must decide on what will work good and look stylish.  You don’t want to choose a color that will make your house look tacky or choose a color that’s too crazy.  You want a color that establishes a warm and inviting feeling that will make improve your curb appeal.

Once you get a sense of what type of color your aiming for then you have to determine what colors would go good with that color, so you can match the color of your shutters and trim.  The best way I do this is go around your neighborhood and get some ideas from your neighbors color schemes.  Take note of the colors your enjoy and make not on if they color their shutters and trim with a completely different color or they are just using a darker shade of the houses’ color.  You generally want to take some time going over the color schemes that you choose.  You may even want to do three different colors each for your siding, shutters, and trim.

If you have a porch you might want to keep the color scheme or you might ant to paint it a different color.  Only you know what you like so this process is mostly up to you.  But if you cant decide on colors you like get ask some body for some suggestions.

Choosing Exterior Paint Color Schemes

There are several tools that you can use to make the best choice for your color scheme; both online and off.  One site that is dedicated to help you choose the best options for the colors of exterior paint is  There you will find all the resources you will need to perfect your color choices.  They will teach you the best color combinations and help you make all the purchases you need to paint your home.

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