5 Security Tips When Having Work Done On Your Home

Having any work done, either in or outside your house, creates many mixed feelings. Despite all the horror stories you may hear and the endless run of ‘catch-a-cowboy’ TV shows most of the workers you have in your home are honest, hard-working, professional and will do a good job. You can also look up professionals on trade rating websites and take recommendations from friends and family.

But there are still risks. A burglary happens every 15 seconds in the U.S. Your normal day to day routine will often be thrown into chaos during you home repairs and improvements, and this is the period when you may be most vulnerable to thieves.

1) Know Who Is In Your Home. There is no need to cast doubt of the honestly of the professionals working in your home but it can’t hurt to know who this is. You will already have the name of the company or the boss but who is he bringing with him? Ask for the full names of all the people that will be working on your property. This way, you can be sure that you won’t be letting the wrong people in.

2) Let Your Neighbors Know. Inform your neighbors when you are having any work done. As well as being polite, you can apologise in advance for any extra noise or mess, you can also let them know the dates for the work. If your neighbor sees men entering your home on a Monday afternoon when you told her the work would finish the Thursday before then it’s time for her to be suspicious.

3) Don’t Equip a Thief. Before the workers leave for the night check around the outside of your property. Have they left everything safe or have they given a burglar easy access to an upstairs room or left tool to aid them breaking into your property.

4) Don’t Advertise. Don’t leave precious and expensive items on display. The workers in your home are no doubt honest and you’d be happy to vouch for them but what about their friends, or a passing acquaintance they may speak to at a bar. The whole world doesn’t need to know that you have items worth taking.

5) Who Locks the Doors? If you are out of the house whilst work is taking place ensure that the person in charge knows how to lock your doors, set your alarm etc. Make sure they know your security routine, how you leave your house and what needs to be locked or secured. Your insurance policy won’t be valid even if it wasn’t you who forgot to lock up.

There are no guarantees but there is no need to take chances. Make the work you have done in your home a positive experience and don’t give criminals a foot in the door.

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