A Calm Peaceful Home With A Tropical Decor Scheme

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your home into a high end spa. A peaceful place where it is so easy to relax and enjoy the moment. When you take a look around a spa you will notice the use of natural elements. Lots of plants, stone and wooden furniture and decor pieces, as well as the calming sound of water features. This is the main principle behind Balinese interior design as well as tropical decor, to bring the outdoors indoors.

When it comes to furniture, it is common to see the use of teak and rattan. Teak, a hard wood, is used for bed frames and dinner tables. While rattan is woven into light weight wicker furniture such as chairs, couches, and outdoor furniture. Balinese interior design has evolved from just using natural materials such as teak an rattan to create furniture, to include Western influences of comfort. This is why you will see deep seats, with the plentiful use of colorful cushions.

When it comes to enhancing comfort in a home, the use of indoor plants can’t be under estimated. Yes they clean the air, but the greenery also adds to the decor style of a home. Once again building to the spa effect.


In creating a calm home, begin with a mindset of keeping it clutter free. Having numerous objects sprawled across coffee tables and kitchen tops will only create distractions and an unfocused mind. Decor accessories such as wicker trays help keep clutter in one place on a coffee table for example. Use curtain room dividers to hide away areas of the house from plain view, such as a home office or exercise equipment.

After adding in wooden furniture, an abundance of indoor plants and de-cluttering your home, another way of creating a tropical decor style would be to find a water feature. One water feature that is simple and easy to find is a bamboo fountain. Bamboo, a wood that is tolerant of water and has a beautiful texture and look, will create a small calming feature in your home. These can be easily found online at places such as Amazon, and only require a power socket to plug into.

The main principle of creating a spa like environment in your home is to bring as much of the outdoors inside. Plants, wood based furniture, accessories, and decor pieces, and finding a water feature will help create a peaceful and calm home environment.


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