A Submersible Fountain Pump Brings Life to any Water Feature

A water feature is a great addition to most any home or yard. Everyone loves to hear the sound of running water because of its soothing nature. If you are short on space, a small fountain makes a really nice addition to any room, indoors or out. If your yard is spacious, you might want a fountain or two or perhaps three to add to the dcor or landscape. If a fountain isn’t big enough, just add a waterfall or perhaps a pond or a stream. How about incorporating all them for a truly natural look? When adding these sensory pleasing features to your yard don’t forget to plan for the correct submersible fountain pump. Without the right pump, your water feature will not give you the results or years of use you desire.

Choosing the Right Pump

Every application requires the right pump to move the correct amount of water through whatever type of water feature you choose. A pump that might work for an average sized fountain probably wouldn’t work for a waterfall or stream, but could pump enough water for a fountain spray in your pond. A good suggestion is to always buy a pump that has a higher output than you think you’ll need. Most submersible pumps have a built-in flow adjustment. You can always restrict the flow if necessary, but you cannot increase the flow if you find the output is not to your liking. The tubing size is also a factor in how much volume you can pump. By increasing the size of the tubing from the pump, you can increase the water flow. After all, water flow is what you are after.

Water Features Attract Wildlife

Water is a necessity for the continuation of life. Good clean water sources for animals, especially in a suburban setting, are becoming increasingly harder to find. When your water feature is completed, you could potentially be providing a water source for many types of animals in your area. Depending upon your location, you might see many types of birds flocking to your yard to bathe or get a drink. A pond will eventually provide a food source for these birds too, should small insects start showing up. Larger winged insects, such as butterflies, dragonflies and the all important honey bee need a good source of water too. Our furry friends like chipmunks and squirrels might also show up on occasion to wash or to eat and drink by the waters edge. You might even notice a helpful reptile or two.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy

Relax and listen to the soothing gurgle and splash of your fountain or the rush of the water from your waterfall as it spills over the rocks. A robin splashes at the waters edge as it bathes itself and a finch calls to its mate from the trees. What could be better? Now that your water feature is completed and you see that it is all working properly, all that planning has paid off. You have chosen the right submersible fountain pump for the job. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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