A Summer To Remember Ep. 1 Part 2

Second part! Youtube made me cut it in half because it was too long :( “Oh my gosh!” I heard and turned around. A girl about my age was walking toward me. “You were talking to Justin?” “Umm yeah.” I said quietly. “He’s cute right?” She added with a smiled. I nodded. “I’m Kiera your neighbor. I just thought I’d bring over a pie.” She handed me the pie. “Oh um thank you.” I smiled. “No problem. You going to Rosedale high?” She asked. I nodded. “Maybe we could walk there together tomorrow?” She smiled. “Um yeah sure.” I agreed. “Sounds good I’ll see you then!” She started walking away but turned back around. “I’m just warning you that Justin’s the player of the town so don’t get caught up just to get your heart broken.” She smiled a little and then began walking back to her house. “You better go get your mattress and necessary stuff for the night set in your room because you need to be up bright and early for your first day of school tomorrow.” My dad said. “Why do I have to go? It’s a Friday! I cant wait until Monday?” I asked. “Nope.” My dad said. “Now go get set up.” I sighed and walked inside. -next morning- I woke up and stretched. Since the movers weren’t coming until today I slept on a mattress on the floor! I sighed and got up and got dressed and curled my hair and put on some mascara and eyeliner. I walked downstairs. “Hungry?” My dad asked. I shook my head and began walking out. “Kiddo!” My dad called. I turned back. “Don’t forget to be home right after school to

How to make an american girl doll bedroom, out of your own bedroom! I took the small space underneath my desk and turned it into a small bedroom in a few simple steps: 1) Fold a blanket to fit the space and use it as a carpet 2) Add the beds, but make sure they are nice and neat! 3) Add a dresser/nightstand. I used an old jewelry box, but if you have an american girl dresser, that works just as well! 4) Personalise the dresser/nightstand and beds. Add stuffed animals, dolls and books. 5) Add a curtain by taking an old scarf and sticking it on the wall with two sided sticky craft tape. 6) cut out pics from an old magzine of you dolls fav stars and tape them on the wall! 7) Put your dolls in their brand new bedroom and let them enjoy it! For further style ideas (I have tons of ideas, so you can make a cool room with out spending a gazillion bucks on American Girl furniture) send me a message, or an email at Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate, and subscribe!

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