Bean Bags – Making a Comeback

Back when I was a young kid in the 90’s, bean bag chairs were immensely popular for families to own.  I remember every kid in my neighborhood had one.  Back then, the bags were pretty plain – boring colors like black or blue with little to no design work in sight.  For one reason or another, bean bags had a falling out and were not found anywhere for about a decade from 1995-2005.  Since then, they have steadily been gaining popularity all over again, even surpassing the popularity the bean bags had in the early 90’s.

The number one reason bean bags are making a comeback is because they work so well in game rooms.  Kids love to place them pretty close to the television and play their video games and watch their favorite shows.  You can put them as far or close to the TV as you want to.  The ability to move them quickly and easily is a major plus with bean bags.

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Some of the popular brands of bean bag chairs offer 7 and even 8 foot bags that can fit up to five people.  These bags are big enough for people to lay down on, meaning you now have a favorite new place to nap.  I use my 7 foot bean bag as an extra bed.  When I have people staying with me from out of town, I always let them sleep on the big bean bag if the guest room is full.  This may seem like punishment to some, but they always let me know how much better it was than a couch.  While a couch restricts movement, a bean bag lets you roll around and generally be as free as you want.  I always have the best naps on mine.

Those are just some of the many reasons bean bags are making an epic comeback.  I have no doubt that they will continue to rise in popularity for the next 5-10 years.  If you are interested in learning more about bean bags or buying them, be sure to check out BeanbagsGuide today.

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