Buying and Using Motorized Blinds in Your Home

Window treatments can sometimes be a hassle to deal with. If your treatments are in hard to reach areas like above the stairs, behind furniture, or even on skylights, you may want to consider having them motorized to save yourself time and effort. Motorized blinds are great for use in homes that have a plethora of windows, or for any of the reasons lifted above. They also make a great gift for the grandparents, sometimes the mechanisms on window blinds and shades can be difficult to work with, having your treatments motorized will take all of the difficulty out of the equation.


Almost any window covering offered can be converted to motorization. From motorized blinds to motorized shutters, you can be sure there is a window covering solution that fits perfectly into your home’s décor. After you have talked to a professional blinds installation company to make sure that your window treatments can in fact be motorized, your options for control are remote control, wall switch, automatic; and you can now use your computer, smartphone, or tablet device as well.


  • Remote controls are the most popular option for controlling your new motorized blinds. Your installation technician will have your blinds, shades, drapes, curtains, or shutters wired for motorization, then teach you how to use the remote to raise, lower or perhaps even set to timer depending on what type of motorization you chose.
  • Wall switches are also another popular option for motorized window treatments. Although you don’t have quite the flexibility you have with a remote control, a wall switch still makes the hassle of raising and lowering your blinds a breeze. There are even options for a wireless wall switch that you can place on your coffee table or nightstand.
  • Automated blinds are extremely advanced. They can be programmed to raise or lower depending on a timer, time of day, or heat of the sun. They can be programmed to open at first light so every morning you wake to the beautiful sunlight shining in though your windows.
  • Smartphone, tablet, and computer applications are becoming more and more integrated into home use. There are home maintenance apps that allow you to control your motorized blinds from anywhere around the world. So if you go on vacation and forgot to close the blinds, don’t worry about your furniture fading, you can close them from wherever you may be!


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