Choosing Artwork for Your Home

Choosing artwork for our home can be a fun adventure and finding just the right piece can offer you years of enjoyment. The key to finding the perfect artwork is determining what kind of art speaks to you and fills you with a sense of emotion, how to make it work with your current interior design and knowing how to display it for the best effect.

If you are an art lover and frequent galleries, museums and art exhibits, you may already have a sense of what type of artwork you like the best. if you are unsure of what type of art you like, there are countless ways to figure this out such as visiting your local library and looking at various art books or going online and visiting virtual galleries. Once you have determined what kind of artwork appeals to you, you are well on your way to finding just the piece for you.

You may be wondering if the art should fit your room or if your room should fit the art. The answer can be neither or both. You should first and foremost buy artwork that you love. However, if you bring it home and it looks out of place, you can try moving it to various locations around your home or you may have to make slight changes. Slightly different coats of paint, rearranging furniture or removing other pieces from your wall are simple fixes that can enhance your artwork.

If you prefer to find art that will fit into your current design, then size and colour are two of the most important criteria to keep in mind. Art that is overly large will overwhelm a small space and art that is too small will look out of proportion and get lost. Determine where you would like to place the artwork and then figure out which size would fit best for that space.

When choosing the right colour for your artwork, it can help to look around your space and find one or two colours that are muted or underplayed. Finding art in those colours can help bring out those tones and add a new fresh look to the room. it does not have to be an exact match, but it should be close so that your new artwork looks like it belongs in that environment.

Finding the right artwork for your home is fun and exciting. Just remember to choose a piece that means something to you.

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