Color Studies Show…Its Easy to Breathe New Life into an Old Home!

Color studies show that the colors you decide to paint your home have a great impact on your mood. If you have grown tired of the same boring colors that have inhabited the the walls of your home since you moved in then maybe its time to breathe some new life into those walls.

Using wall paint can be one of the most exciting and dramatic aspects of home decorating and it also gives you a chance to decide what type of mood or atmosphere you wish to set for a particular room. Periodically updating your wall color or changing your color scheme from time to time is a great way to reflect your current tastes. CertaPro Painters offers these short color studies to help get you started and guide your decisions.

·         White can be boring if it is used everywhere, but if used correctly, white can be warm and sensual while also creating the illusion of space. White shaded walls can also set the tone for colorful furniture without giving the room a cluttered feeling.

·         The ceiling is a wall too! Color studies show that when painting the ceiling dark shades ‘lower’ the ceiling and lighter shades tend to give the ceiling a lofty feel to it. If you have vibrant furnishings in the room like a rug or sofa set, painting the ceiling that matching color does wonders to pull the whole “look” together.

·          Light pastel colors exude feelings of tranquility and peacefulness; they also can help make the atmosphere bright and spacious.

·         Painting your home with darker colors sends a powerful design statement. Darker shades are perfect for creating a comfortable and snug atmosphere in a larger room. Painting an accent wall in a darker tone is perfect for highlighting certain features of a room while also adding a sense of depth.

Remember, these are just short and very basic color studies; you can always make your schemes more complex by combining colors in a fun and easy way to help add drama and dimension to your walls. Before you decide on color, be sure to take into account the size of the room, what the room is used for, and what type of furnishings you already have present in the room. Don’t forget to test! Always test the color on the wall before you decide to paint it all one color and realize you don’t like it after you have competed the painting!

The next time you get bored with your colors, call the painting color experts at CertaPro Painters to help you revitalize your home!

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