Consider a Home Redesign Economically

Finding New Pieces To Dress Your Home At A Budget-


If you want to dress up your home, but are working on a tight budget, you have to find ways to enhance a room without the full over-haul.  Understand the limits of your budget and start shopping around for ideas on how to turn your room around.


Find a handful of resources for ideas.  Go to magazines, Pinterest, Parade of Home Shows or just brows through a few stores.  Once you have an idea of what you want your home to look like, narrow down what it is about those rooms you actually love.


Focus on what it is that makes you love those rooms in the magazines or on TV.  Is it the furniture, the expensive staircase, the painted walls, or the wide-open windows?  Once you know you just have to find a way to make that accent, color, or texture work into your home.


For me, I started noticing that I was falling in love with all the ads for different window blinds Sacramento magazines were showcasing.  I fell in those thick white wooden blinds covers.  So that was one accessory I used to dress up my rooms.   It was a little more costly, but it changed the whole feel of the living room.  I found that just that one accent was enough for the time.


Other Things To Do Stay in Budget-


  • If you can’t afford new furniture pieces, consider making couch covers.  Go to your local craft store, and find patterns and fabric.  To dress up your bedroom find DIY articles to make a soft headboard.  There are easy ways to cover what is already there. Pick a piece of furniture to make an accent piece and go ahead and dress it up.


  • Paint things a different color!  If you have frames that are a boring, get a nice can of spray paint and change the color of your room.  You can paint over wooden furniture with natural stains for wood or bright colors to enhance a room.  Find one little piece that you can alter the color of, giving a new vibe for the rest of the space.  If painting your walls strikes your fancy, find a new tone or a nice two-tone set to re-do a room.  If you accent one wall, you will feel like so much has changed.


  • Buy new pillows for your living room or bedroom.  Changing up the color scheme can do a lot for a room.  Having fresh new items in your home can also help you feel like you are updated.  If you can’t find something you love, and you have that crafters eye, go ahead and sew your own.


  • Clean off your counters and shelves.  If you make room and put away clutter, it actually does a lot to open up a room.  Just a simple cleaning and getting rid of the junk piles can actually go a long way in helping you freshen up a room.  And while you are at it, clean the inside and outside of your windows.  You will be surprised how much more light can get in when you wipe off the grime.


Whatever you decide to do, or whatever detail stands out with needing change- one little change to your home can go along way in that itch to re-decorate.  Find new ways to clean up, clear out, and re-design your home with color and DIY pieces.


—Lacie C

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