Craft Projects for Wrought Iron Fans

Wrought iron fans are an inexpensive source of art. You also can save on your shipping. Sure, it’s heavier than a poster but you don’t have to deal with all of the fragility that buying a framed piece of art entails. The type of wrought iron inside the semicircular fan shape will determine which theme suits it. You can always add your own personality with a spray paint that works with metal.

If your fan has a lot of scrollwork then you can consider the shabby chic style. This uses a black undercoat with a white distressed coat on top of it. You can also play around with different tones of gray and blue. If you live in an apartment and can’t paint the walls then bring in more color with your art. Using a distressing technique still allows you to get some white tones in there. I also like this as a way to update a teen’s room. You might not be ready to get rid of the pink and white furniture but your daughter may be sick of it. Just paint a few accent pieces such as your wall art in a slightly funkier color like a fuchsia. Don’t use a distressing technique to keep it modern.

Aged copper can be expensive. Oftentimes you just have to buy it new and wait for the process to occur naturally. If you aren’t the patient type then instead you may consider a faux copper paint treatment. If you can’t afford expensive copper ceilings or backsplashes instead bring the tone onto your art. This usually has a green or turquoise patina to it. Turquoise is a popular decorating color but usually it’s just too bold for a wall color. You can instead use it as an accent on your art. With metal art you don’t have to be an artist to get a unique piece. You just need a basic metal form and some spray paint.

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