Easy Homemade Carpet Shampoo

Keeping carpets clean can be a challenge, especially with children or pets. Often times, it is not financially feasible to call an outside company to come and wash them when they get soiled. In the long run, it is more money wise to invest a deep cleaner which can use premixed shampoo from the store or with a homemade carpet shampoo. There are easy ways to make a homemade carpet shampoo from everyday household cleaners. Equally important to using homemade carpet shampoo is to know how to use it and how rinse it.

Soap Equals Dirty Carpets

Ask any industry professional and it is common knowledge that residual shampoo in the carpet attracts dirt and makes carpets dirtier, faster. To prove this, put a drop of dish detergent in a corner of a kitchen floor. Go back to it in two weeks and that spot of soap will be darker and ditherier than the rest of the floor. Reason being, dirt is attracted to the soap. No matter how expensive a carpet shampoo is, if it is not rinsed away, it will work against the cleaner if it is not rinsed.

Homemade Carpet Shampoo Formulas

Listed below are many simple recipes that can be used to wash carpets:

* Simple Green and Water – Mix this together with the concentration of ½ cup of simple green for every 4 cups of water. Simple green is power and affordable and be purchased in a gallon form at most hardware stores.

* Laundry Soap and Water – Is gets the stains out of clothes and it gets the stain out of carpet. A ½ capful is more than enough to clean carpet. If filling into the bladder of a deep cleaner, add the soap at the end. This will prevent any excessive bubbles from forming.

Homemade Spot Cleaning Formulas

* Oxiclean paste – Add just enough water to the powder to create an OxiClean paste. This can then be applied to stubborn spot with an old tooth brush or hard bristled brush. Do not touch the paste because it can burn exposed skin. This is great for dark juice saints, pet stains or mud. It also deodorizes any smells as well. Allow this to sit for no greater than 10 minutes.

* Multipurpose cleaner – Any multipurpose clean used for general leaning can be used on spots. This helps to loosen a stubborn stains grip on the fibers. Use hot water to additional help loosen the stains. This can be rinsed and reapply for maximum effectiveness.

Homemade Rinse Formulas

* Vinegar and Water – This recipe has been around for decades and its proven to clean and remove dirt and reside. Due to its’ pH, vinegar is able to remove stains, soaps and smells. Therefore it is the perfect finishing touch to a freshly shampooed carpet.

Enjoy fresh, stain and residue free carpet with these affordable, fast and easy homemade carpet shampoos, spots cleaning formulas and rinses. Homemade carpet shampoo is not only convenient, it is money smart. A bottle of carpet shampoo for the leading carpet cleaner can average between $15 and $24 dollars. The cost of all the recipes above combined cost less and 1 bottle.

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