Easy Kitchen Improvement Projects

Many people dream of having a custom kitchen like the ones shown on home improvement television shows or in magazines. But remodeling a kitchen is very expensive and it is not uncommon for a full kitchen overhaul to cost tens of thousands of dollars. When a total kitchen remodel is not in the budget, there are many other more cost-effective options for refreshing a tired kitchen and improving its functionality. A lot of kitchen projects can be done by the homeowners themselves, while a few may require the skills of an experienced kitchen contractor. These improvements can make a big impact in the kitchen, and in most cases they can be completed over the course of a weekend.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a kitchen is to add a backsplash. There are many backsplash options including tile, stone, stainless steel, and glass. There is really no limit when it comes to creating backsplashes. A homeowner can choose any color or style that will tend to create a focal point in the kitchen. A backsplash can usually be completed in one weekend. Depending on the type of material being used, and how complicated the installation entails, it may be best for a homeowner to hire a handyman who is experienced in installing backsplashes to ensure professional results.

Old, worn cabinets can make a kitchen look tired and dated. Replacing cabinets is often one of the most expensive aspects of a kitchen remodel. Luckily there are several options for transforming cabinets without having to replace them. Cabinet resurfacing can change the look of kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Most metro areas have several companies that specialize in this type of improvement. If a homeowner prefers a DIY project, they may elect to stain or paint their cabinets for an easy update. A simple way to improve the functioning of kitchen cabinets is to install hardware to make each one a soft close cabinet. The hardware is easy to install, and homeowners will never again have to worry about loud, slamming cabinets. As a final touch, new handles can be added to drawers and cabinets. Exterior hardware can be bought at any home improvement store, and it is available in a wide variety of materials and finishes.

Organizing a kitchen is a very inexpensive improvement project. A cluttered kitchen is unappealing, and difficult to work in. With a little bit of time, and a few drawer and cabinet organizers, a kitchen can be totally changed. This project also makes it easy for a homeowner to assess all of the kitchen items in storage, which makes it a good time to so get rid of things are not used and replace items that no longer work properly.

Even some small changes in your kitchen can make a huge difference. Consider incorporating hardware for soft close cabinets, changing out your outdated and dull backsplash, and add some organization to your important kitchen storage areas. If you take the time and make the effort, you’ll be thrilled with the fruits of your labor!

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