Family Ties, Episode 2

He heard her phone go off, and she dropped the box to answer it. “Hello? Hey! What’s up? Moving in. I know. No, he’s being the same lazy asshole he usually is.” Justin noticed she said that last part louder than the rest. He guessed she was talking to one of her annoying girlfriends. He’d never actually met any of her friends, but he figured they were just as annoying as her. “Sure, that’d be awesome! Let me ask.” Emalie jogged into the kitchen and Justin wondered what was coming next. She came back a few minutes later. “Tess’ coming to stay the night tonight.” “What? Why? You just got here! You’re not even unpacked yet!” Justin finally paused his game and turned to face her. “I know. Since you’re not helping, she’s more than happy to.” “Did you ask my mom?” “Yeah. She thought it was a nice idea. At least SHE likes me.” “If you’re inviting this Tess chick, I’m inviting Ryan.” “Fine! Do whatever you want, just stay out of my way!” With that she grabbed the box and stormed upstairs. Justin waited until he heard her door slam to go into the kitchen. “Mom, I’m inviting Ryan over.” “Fine, but Justin? Would it kill you to be nice to Emalie? She’s had to make a lot of changes, you could at least try to make it easier.” “Oh, and I HAVEN’T had to make changes?” “That’s not what I’m saying, I just want–” Pattie was cut off by Rob walking in, greeting them all-too-welcomingly. “Hi, sweetie.” Pattie went over and hugged Rob tightly, smiling huge. Justin rolled his eyes. “Can I call
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