Fighting the Flames

Have you ever roasted a marshmallow over a campfire, looked away for a few seconds, only to discover that your beautiful white marshmallow was aflame? In the short moments it takes for you to blow it out, your marshmallow is damaged beyond repair.

Damage from fire can have just as bad an affect to personal property with just as little notice. Unattended curling irons, ovens and stoves can spark fires that can weaken the integrity of your home.

Flames weaken beam supports and melt everyday household items, making them fire hazards. These items include home appliances, electrical outlets and water pipes.

Areas that have been affected by damage from fire should be carefully inspected by professionals to identify unstable areas. House supports are perhaps the scariest victim to consider.

Fires thrive off of wood. It’s an easy resource to sustain their life for an extended amount of time.

Consequently, when the flames find the support beams in your home, they latch on like a spider to its prey. The damage sustained from such an encounter often weakens the core structure, leaving your structure susceptible to collapse.

Damage from fire can also cause extreme damage to your home appliances. As their shapes liquidate and reform, the appliances become useless.

Burned electrical outlets become hazards in and of themselves; long after the disaster has ended. Wire casings melt, exposing the wires to the outside elements and increasing your risk of sparking another fire.

An unchecked weakened water pipe could lead to leaks inside the house. Depending on the size of the leak, your home can suffer from flooding or internal rot.

Smaller leaks will not have the power to force its way through roofing, or walls, but they will rot your home slowly from the inside out. The cool environment combined with the moisture is a breeding ground for mold and decay.

House supports, home appliances, electrical outlets and water pipes are often just a few of the many casualties that come from damage from fire.  More often than not, precious family heirlooms are lost to the flames.

Home owners would be advised to keep their most sacred heirlooms and memories in a safe box. Such boxes can be as small as a briefcase, or as large as a home safe.

The total size of your treasures will help you determine what size safe to get. Just make sure that what you purchase is guaranteed to be flame resistant.

Smoke is a health hazard to be careful of as well. Inhaling too much smoke can cause permanent damage to your lungs, including inducing asthma to one who has never suffered from such an ailment.

Smoke can also leave a permanent scar in the fragrance of your home. People entering your home might thing everyone just got back from a campfire because the fumes stick to the structure and furniture for a very long time.

The important thing to do in every case is to ensure trained professionals examine your home almost immediately after the flames have been extinguished. Structural damage is no small thing to be trifled with and can endanger the lives and health of yourself and your family.

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