Home Flooring Trends in 2012

The growing demand and increase in the number of houses and other buildings have given rise to several innovations in materials and methods for house constructions. Flooring of a house is one very significant aspect of a house. It complements the beauty of the interiors. Some of the major points to keep in mind while choosing the type of flooring would be durability,flexibility,resistance to moisture,insects etc. Thanks to modern technological advances, substantial changes have been made in the manufacturing and production of home flooring materials, methods, designs etc. Usually marble flooring, mosaic flooring, tile flooring enjoy a vast popularity. But of late, hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, linoleum flooring are some of the more popular types.These types of floorings are made from natural materials and enjoy good popularity. Some of the present flooring trends in this year are :

  • Tile flooringVarious brands, materials, designs and shapes have been introduced in the market recently and their sales have shown a high growth in the course of 2012. Ceramic tiles, granite and vitrified tiles are some of the best selling products of this year.¬†Other types of tiles such as granites, vitrified tiles, marbonites etc are tremendously in need. A plethora of designs and brands are available in a wide range of prices. Stability, hardness, durability, style, stainless etc. are some of it’s advantages.


  • Marble flooringThe recent trends have shown a decline in the demand for marble flooring. It is prone to wear and tear when it comes in contact with acidic materials other than that, the chilling temperature, comparatively lesser number of designs, difficulty in maintenance may be the reason for the drop in demand.


  • Hardwood flooringHardwood flooring materials are manufactured from the timber of hardwood trees. Maple, American Cherry, Beech, Rosewood, Oak flooring etc are the common type of trees used for hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is unique in terms of its classy look and eco friendly features.


  • Bamboo flooringBamboo flooring is one of the most trending products in flooring industry this year.The main advantage is that it is strong and eco friendly.Bamboo is a fast growing-high versatile grass. Although the hollow trunk of this grass looks weak, the bamboo floor is extremely hard, stable and water resistant. The first and foremost reason for the great demand of bamboo floor is its ¬†classic ambience and nature friendly charecterestics.
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