House Painting Ideas and a Very Special Piece of Furniture

There’s always a room in any house where you’ll find that one special piece of furniture that’s the focal point of every home. Maybe it’s an old lion-head rocker, passed down through the family by a beloved grandparent. Perhaps it’s a cane-seat bench and desk set, given as a wedding gift by a favorite shop teacher. Or maybe it’s an antique table, a rare, spontaneous find shopped on a memorable trip through New England. Whatever the source, there’s usually so much love surrounding that special piece of furniture, everything else around it looks dull and drab—a clear case of house painting ideas phobia.

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It happens all the time. The furnishings are so special, you’re intimidated by the thought of trying to decorate a room around them. But consider this from CertaPro : Think of that remarkable piece of furniture as a source of inspiration, rather than the bane of your existence.

Well-decorated rooms look so beautifully thrown together, no one suspects the hours of thought and care invested in their creation, especially when it comes to house painting ideas. The right walls colors and trim can actually showcase your beloved piece of furniture. Matching the right paint colors to wood finishes and furniture fabrics can make a room pop and preen.

Go to the source

If possible, snip a piece of fabric or finishing from a spot on the furniture piece where it won’t be missed, and head off to a professional paint store. Working like this is always preferable to matching squares of paint chips when it comes to house painting ideas. It is literally impossible to judge if a paint color will work from an inch by inch-and-a-half rectangle sample of paint. So many factors come into play when choosing paint colors: the light in the room, the distance from the piece of furniture to the walls, the other colors in the carpets and drapes—the list goes on and on.

So visit the paint store, compare and contrast the swatch of fabric or finishing to large squares of paint, and for good measure, ask a trained expert for their opinion. Then, make your choices. That’s right, choices. You’re going to need several pints of paint for this project.

On a day that typically represents the weather in your area, slip into your painting clothes, grab the paint brushes and pans, and get ready to go multicolor with your house painting ideas.

Open the cans of paint, and spacing them a reasonable distance apart, paint wide swatches of each paint color on all four walls. Then tug the carpet close, hang the drapes even closer if you can, and place the piece of furniture next to the swatch of paint. Take a step back, take a look, and when one of the swatches sings to you, you’ve found your winner.

It’s a simple process, to be sure. A tad bit labor intensive, but well worth the effort if it means your favorite piece of furniture will finally get the beautiful room it deserves.

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