How to Bathe in Safety and Solitude

Limited mobility can change the way a person does most things. This includes taking a bath or shower. As it becomes more difficult for many individuals to get into the bathtub alone, many will need assistance. This is often done by a family member or a caretaker. They will ensure that the person does not trip and fall while bathing, and to many people this can really make what use to be a relaxing experience more of an annoyance.

Now, with the help of walk-in tubs and showers, people with limited mobility do not have to experience this. When they buy safety tubs and showers, it creates a safer bathroom that can return to being a private place. After it is installed, they will wonder how they went without one for so long.

What Is a Safety Bathtub?

A safety bathtub is a bath or shower that has been created with the specific purpose of making sure that people with mobility problems can enter and exit without injuring themselves. Most also have extra features for further protection from slipping and falling. The two main types of safety tubs are walk-in bathtubs and roll-in showers.

What Is a Walk-in Bathtub?

This kind of bathtub replaces people having to step over the rim of the bathtub by placing a door on the wall of the bathtub. The door will either open inward or outward. They have seals to protect from water leakage, and in some case there are locks to give the door extra pressure.

Most walk-in tubs will have a seat built in. This is to help those who are not able to sit all the way down into the tub. They are also useful to individuals while showering in case they lose their balance.

A good walk-in tub will also have a grip bar near the door to make sure people are getting in and out with caution. They should help to prevent slipping since this is a common occurrence on wet floors.

Another feature that more and more of these tubs are coming with is water jets. These are said to give great muscle relief while bathing.

What Is a Roll-in Shower?

This is a shower predominantly for people who use a wheelchair for their main movement. Instead of having to move from the wheelchair to the bathtub, the person should be able to just roll their chair into the shower. This makes for a very easy process. Normally there are wheelchair grips to keep the chair from moving around, but it does remove any hazard of the person not being able to shower on their own.

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