How to Build a Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge can be a great asset when you want to stretch out and relax while soaking up in the sun. The chair is constructed in such a way that there are flexibly moving parts that enable one to fully enjoy the venture. This however makes the project a bit difficult than when constructing other chairs.

When learning to build a chaise lounge for your home and garden area, several factors are considered. It can be tiresome but eventually the process is really rewarding. There are different designs so you begin by selecting a suitable design that you think is convenient to you or others at home. The back and seat portions of this chair are the more complex ones so you need to start cutting out pieces that suit the selected design. For any design, comfort is the key factor that should guide you when doing this.

For the base, you will need two 2×4’s the length of about 6 ft. You should handle the cutting procedure with keen interest in the edges since they determine whether a joint will fit to another. You will also need to cut two 2×4 blocks for the back frame. Depending on the design, cut the cross pieces from the 1×2’s into two 6ft bars. At this point cutting the dowels that will match the cross pieces is important. You should therefore not forget to leave an allowance of four inches to compensate the 2×4’s. Cut two six ft 1×3 blocks just the same you have the 1×2’s. According to the length of the lounge, cut two 1×3 boards from the top right to the bottom left of the back. These a


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re supposed to be your back rest supporters.

Your reclining needs will inspire the spacing you will put when you router half circles into the lounge boards. At this point you will need four 2×4’s cut to the optimum height. It is the design that you have chosen that will dictate the style you will use for the arm rests and the legs. A sand paper will be of great help to ensure a smooth surface to the lounge.

Whether you prefer to paint the chair or stain it, this will mean that it should be left to dry before you continue with the rest of the process. After it has dried completely, you can now assemble the parts of the chair. Screws are preferred to nails when assembling the chair parts. Screw the two frame sections to the end cap pieces to the side frames. Attach the legs by screwing them to the seat frame.

Putting in mind the allowance for movement, screw the backrest slats together with seat. Using nails you can now attach the horizontal support piece to the side of the seat frame. Finally, with the use of dowels, attach the backseat support to the backrest. Knowing how to build a chaise lounge will ensure you have a great chair when it is all done.

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