How To Decorate Jewelry Organizers/Holders Interior Design/Decor Decorate Your Room!

Jewelry organizers can come in pretty handy if you dont like to up keep with your jewelry collection.  Even closet jewelry organizers can come in very useful in some situations.  Some have different designs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even jewelry organizers hanging from the back of your closet door or bathroom have become pretty popular. But most of them are very convenient indeed and will save you time in your day and put ease on your daily routine. If it weren’t for my organizer I don’t know what I would do. I would defiantly be late wherever I go. So yes they are important for saving time but lets talk more about how to decorate them or more so how to organize your jewelry into them, so they can be easily intergraded into any organizer. You can even create your own with half the budget than a normal organizer would with some simple decorating tips.

First lets determine what it is your going to make it out of. You can create one that is pretty “artsy” like the one in the video at the top of this article or you can make a simple one made out of some things that are laying around your house. The ones that are easiest to make using this method are the hanging jewelry organizers. This is because of the simple setup that is involved

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in creating one.

How To Make/Decorate A Hanging Jewelry Organizer

This is by far the simplest way to create and use a jewelry organizer. You will need two things a coat hanger and some type of cloth that you can hook your jewelry onto. If you have some other type of fabric that allows you to do this than use that. You can also find some clips that will clip right onto the fabric and then you can simply hook your jewelry onto that. Oh yeah and you need jewelry of course. This is what makes it so easy.

· Hang the coat hanger on to a hook, back of a door, or anything that is high and will allow room for all of your jewelry.
· Now hang your fabric that you have chosen over the coat hanger.
· Then simply clip your jewelry onto the fabric
· Simple, fast, and easy!

*You can also get creative and create pockets into the fabric to hold earrings and other small jewelry. It’s all about how creative you want to get.




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