How to Find Extra Storage in your Garage

Over the years people have a way of collecting lots and lots of things. A lot of times people will hang on to things that they don’t even need anymore. The place that more often than not ends up storage all of the useless things we collect is the garage. If you are looking to clear some extra space in your garage, here are 3 tips to get the job done:

  1. Utilize the attic- Sure it isn’t very much fun to crawl up into the attic, but if you can really open things up in your garage by utilizing the attic space. Make sure that you have a good sturdy ladder to get into the attic if one isn’t already installed, and then have a second person there to help you lift things up and avoid injury. The garage is a great place for storage, but the attic is an even better place. Free up some of the space in your garage by tucking things away in the attic. It can be a bit of a pain to do it, but you’ll be glad you did once you see the empty floors in your garage.
  2. Try some boxes- A great way to create more storage in your garage is to make good use of boxes. You can get all sorts of different size boxes online and using these boxes to store your things will help keep everything less cluttered. You’ll be amazed too at how much space you can save just by putting things into boxes. One thing that you need to do before you put all of your stuff into boxes, is make sure that you come up with a good system for labeling everything. Throwing random items together could help to get rid of the problem right away, but it can make things more difficult when you need to get something in the future. Having a good labeling system will make finding what you need a synch.
  3. Put up shelving- One of the best ways to utilize the space you have in your garage and improve your storage is to add some shelving. Having shelves on the wall means that you will be able to take more of your things off the floor and keep the space open for walking. There is nothing worse than heading into your garage and spending hours looking for something that you could have found easily if things were organized. Once you have your shelves installed, take a weekend and put everything in order and label it all so that it is easier to find the next time you need it. You should also consider getting rid of things that you don’t actually need anymore. A lot of times people will accumulate lots of stuff over the years and forget about the things that they have in their garage.



Archie Timmons is a freelance writer for JacksonWhite Bankruptcy.

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