How to Make Your Stairs Anti Slip Proof

Almost everyone has to navigate stairs or steps some time during each day. To make stairs safe and comfortable to travel up and down on there are some standardized measurements that builders feel are the most reasonable and comfortable for stairs to be. The stair system is also designed to be safe and comfortable to use. There are simple things to do to make stairs safer. On some stairs anti slip products are installed and make a huge difference in the confidence with which stair users go up and down them.

Parts of Stairs

On most stair cases there is a riser and a stair tread. Risers have been standardized at about 7 inches and treads are about ten inches. The treads are sometimes extended an inch or so past the riser and are labeled bull nosed at that point. The building codes for areas differ somewhat but there are guidelines to follow when building a staircase to ensure the safety of the occupants of the home and anyone who is entering or exiting the premises.

Stringers and Risers

The treads are installed onto a stringer or a lengthwise long piece of wood with notches cut out of it so the treads will be installed perpendicular to the floor. The length of the stringer depends on the rise and the length of each step. Risers are installed more for looks than for functionality. The risers are there so the carpet layers have something to staple or nail the carpet too. The stairs also look more finished if you can’t see under each stair tread and into the gap or the space under the stairs. Decorative stairs are made with no risers and can be made of metal or wood or a combination of metal or wood or other materials.

Stair Materials and Coverings

With stairs made of wood groves can be routed into the front half of the in the case of snow or rain or ice the surface of the tread is not solid. There are chemical products that can be laid down to melt ice and snow to keep your stairs safe on the outside. Inside stairs that are made of wood can have carpet runners installed directly onto the stair tread and risers. A long rug can be laid down the length of the stairs with heavy metal rods placed on the rug where the tread and riser meet that will hold the runner in place.

Anti Slip Additions

For outside stairsanti slip stripsand coatings are available to give traction to your stair treads. The strips are generally made of metal and can have colors added during manufacturing to help the stairs be seen more easily. The coatings are easy to apply. First they are mixed if necessary and then applied to the tread surface. An aggregate can be applied of different sizes depending on where the application takes place. After the aggregate is applied the coating is allowed to cure and then a second coating of paint to seal it all can be applied making your stairs very safe to walk on.

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