Ideas for Insect Control Richardson

The topic of insect control Richardson does not have to center on the cost of pest control services. Some situations merit an immediate phone call to an exterminator. For example, if you see termites actually in your home, you should get a professional out to exterminate them as soon as possible. However, there is a lot that you can do to prevent some infestations or control others so that they do not bother you.

The Vinegar Jar

If flies are your problem, you can eradicate whole swaths of them with a homemade trick. Boil some water and put it into a jar that has metal or plastic lid. Add en equal portion of vinegar to this water and then pour in some sugar to sweeten it up. Mix it all together well. Now seal the jar with its lid.

Punch some holes in this lid. They should be large enough for flies to crawl through and not much larger. Take the jar and set it down in any room where flies seem to congregate the most. Over the course of a few hours, flies will be drawn to the sugar smell. As they crawl in, the vinegar overwhelms them and they fall into the drink and drown. You may find the jar clogged very quickly.

Wood Removal

Termites are terrible pests that can literally bring down your house. They are drawn to wet wood or rotting wood. If they are already in your home, it is too late for prevention and you should call an exterminator. If you want to avoid that bill, remove any piles of wood away from your house. These pests often pass from wood piles into homes. The same can be said for old tree stumps. They also prefer wet wood to chew. Frequently check your house for moist areas and either dry them out or replace them.

Cleaning Up

If you have cockroaches it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. They are famously hardy creatures. However, they do have one weakness. They do not like a neat house. If you clean eating surfaces daily frequently sweep and mop, you should limit their interest in your home.

There are many general rules that you can follow to implement insect control Richardson or anywhere else. Taking out garbage regularly is important. Sealing up your food supply is also sure to dissuade them of the idea that your house is an easy target.

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