Ideas For Lighting Up Your Garden Pergola

Pergolas, at night, are mostly used for relaxing and spending time with friends and family. Because of this, you mostly need soft ambient lighting. If you want to perform tasks, or things like playing cards, then you’ll need brighter lights like pendant lights which brings the light closer down to the seating area (or use table top lighting which we will get to later). Right now we are going to focus on soft relaxing lighting – using string lights, lights fitted to the beams of the pergola and tabletop lighting.

There are two main options when it comes to outdoor lighting, low voltage and solar. Solar lights tend to be inexpensive and pretty easy to set up and install. Low voltage lighting on the other hand will require an electrician to install. The upside to low voltage lights is that their brightness is more consistent, the light fixtures last longer, and they add more value to your home.

Most off the following ideas can be found as low voltage or solar lights. There are a number of ceiling light fixtures that can be attached to the over head beams of the pergola. These will mostly be low voltage lights. Can lights (also known as outdoor down light) are another low voltage option these lights are attached to the vertical beams. String lights add a nice soft glow and can be found as solar or low voltage powered. The off white/yellow ones create a relaxing setting, while the colored ones are for more festive times. You can wrap them around the standing beams or the overhead ones. An alternative to using low voltage or solar lights is to spread out tiki torches around the pergola. If mosquitoes are a problem, citronella oil fuel acts as an organic repellent.

Another option is to use tabletop lighting, which requires no installation. There are battery powered led lights/candles, table top tiki torches, candles, table top fire pits, and lanterns either oil or candle based.

Enjoying spendig time outdoors under your newly lighted pergola. For photos and more lighting ideas for the outside and inside of your home visit

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