Improve Your Home Security With Burglar Alarm Systems

In the last few years threats have changed its motive and as well as form with the technological evolution, which has given rise to an entirely new market of security systems for homes. Although usually most of the houses are protected with some or the other security measures, but such measures are not enough to stop tech savvy burglars from breaking into the houses. Some of these steps are as follows:-

• Keeping some of the lights switched on when you are away from home. This will not only send a message outside that somebody in inside the house but also allow neighbors to be able to monitor your house for any suspicious activities. • Keeping a security guard or even dogs. • Keeping the neighbors informed about your absence in house so that they are aware and can monitor actively.

These measures surely give peace of mind up to a certain extent, if complimented by deployment of a proper home security burglar alarm system.

A burglar alarm system generally consists of a panel, sensors and hooters. Sensors are actually various types of input devices to the panel like PIR sensor, Glass Break Sensor etc and are used for different purposes of detection which include- detecting any kind of movement in its adjoining areas, breaking of a window glass, opening of a door etc when you are away form home. The moment these sensors detect such events for which they are designed, they send the information to the central panel which in turn activates all the hooters and telephone dialers. Telephone Dialers send a prerecorded message to few of the predefined contact numbers for informing the authorities about the detection event. These authorities can also be your agency providing Central Monitoring Services.

Although such a system is capable enough to stop and detect burglar activities in your house but the only limitation with it is its false alarms. False alarms are the alarms generated even if there is no intrusion in your house and may be movement sensor would detect a moving mouse or any other pet confusing it with a burglar. There are sensors which are able to distinguish between pets and humans on the basis of its weight. There can be various other reasons as well for a false alarm – improper installation of sensors at wrong places can be one among them.

One has to ensure the proper installation of such a system to avoid such false alarms. 80303665f the time reason of false alarm is improper installation and burglar alarm itself is rarely a culprit.



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