Information on a Porte De Garage

When getting a Porte de garage in St-Hyacinthe, people look for a door to protect the entrance to the storage unit of their vehicle. It should be able to open and close without problem. Because of their purpose, there are a lot of possible choices.

The most common design is the one made with a single panel. It is as big as the entrance and slides over the car. It does not take a lot of space so there is the possibility to have plenty of room to store tools. The downside to having a single panel is that people have to be careful when opening and closing the door. Because of the swinging motion, the car has to be parked 2 or 3 feet away from the door to assure safety to the driver.

Because of that problem, sectional doors have been created. Made with 6 to 8 panels, the sliding motion is vertical and the safety area around the door is smaller than 2 feet. That makes it easier and safer to park a car in front of the building. That design is good if the space is limited. It has the advantages of the single panel without their main problem.

These doors can have a good insulation purpose. It depends on the material used to build them. They can be made of metal like steel, aluminum or copper or even plastic. More traditional doors are made of wood. The user should be aware of the different options available before choosing one material over the other.

If people use a Porte de garage in St-Hyacinthe, they should be aware of the maintenance of the system. Because of the sliding motion that is used every time they need to access their car, oiling the moving parts in important. The less resistance there is when moving the doors, the longer it will last.

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