Kitchen Art Adds Spice To Home Decorating

The area in which food is prepared is the heart of the house for many families. Cooking is only one of the numerous activities which take place here. It is a hub of activity where meals are eaten, school lessons studied and secrets shared. Sometimes, however, it is overlooked when a home is decorated. Well chosen kitchen art brings the myriad facets of this important room into focus.

Small spaces seem larger when tied together by a recurring theme. Rooms with multiple uses can still share a common denominator. Homes with young children often display pictures drawn by the youngsters. Use inexpensive frames and plastic sheeting to keep the paintings from becoming splattered with cooking ingredients. Many holders come with magnets for displaying them on metal surfaces.

Combine the casual, family oriented feel of hand drawn pictures with other more formal wall hangings. Paintings from the folk and primitive schools blend in well with this type of decorating. Keep the color palette simple and the walls uncluttered. Use bright splashes of yellow or red for accents. Let sunshine flood in through tailored curtains.

Metal work is another popular trend in kitchen art. Consider the colors of appliances and wood before choosing the hues. Brass does not show up well on dark wood. It may also clash with steel appliances. Pink gold is a current favorite. Black iron works well with a variety of colors and surfaces. However, it also shows dust easily and must be cleaned often. Consider using metallic frames instead of wood.

Larger kitchens can have more than one theme. Make each part of the area stand out by tailoring its decor to its function. Remember, though, that all of the themes should share a common element. For instance, hang brass and copper pots in the spot where food preparation takes place. In the area where children play and study use metal frames similar in color to the utensils. Tie the eating table into the motif with serving dishes, center pieces and cutlery that use the same alloys.

In many homes, family life centers around the place where cooking is done and meals are served. So much goes on in this room yet it often receives short shrift when it comes to decorating. The right kinds of wall hangings and table decorations can change its appearance quickly and affordably. Kitchen art is one of the easiest ways to add personality to one of the most used spaces in the house.

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