Low Flow Shower Heads – Cheap But Effective

Hey there, good that somebody is interested in low flow shower heads!

  • Are you conscious of your daily water consumption in the bathroom?
  • Do you simply want to save some money on the water bills?
  • Do you want to contribute your part to global water conserving?

Great, low flow shower heads are capable in helping you in all these points. You will be able to reduce your water consumption and hence save some bucks on your water bill with simple to install water saving shower heads. So let’s have a look at the different types, the installation, the water saving potential and important points when you choose your product!

Types of Low Flow Heads
Low flow heads are getting quite some attention in the last time, and the market offers a huge variety of products. The basic types of water conserving showerheads are appliances that simply reduce the water pressure and heads that mix the water with air. There are several special features like LED-illuminated water yets and different kinds of water yets.

Important Points to Consider

  • The Flow Rate: The whole purpose of water efficient showerheads is to reduce the amount of water you use for a shower. The water output of faucets is generally measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Obviously, the lower the flow rate, the less water you need. While common flow rates for old appliances can reach values of 8 GPM or even more, modern low flow heads are designed for low flow rates. Values below 2 GPM are OK for water saving shower heads. Make sure to check this values at first when you want to buy a new product!
  • Water Yet: While your new showerhead should obviously conserve water, another point is maybe as important: The produced water yet or the shower experience. The good models reduce the water flow to 2 GPM and at the same time, they preserve a great feeling stream of water. Various technologies ae available to achieve this but in general, all the good heads mix the water with air. I recommend that you avoid shower heads that only reduce the water pressure because in most cases, they produce a very bad water flow.
  • Installation: All the standard water saving shower heads are as simply to install as a your old head. Simply unscrew the old showerhead and mount the new one.

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