Patio Planning for Small Gardens

What we usually find in the small garden is a small square patio of pored cement attached to the backdoor of the house. Not too exciting to say the least. With a little pre planning and imagination this does not have to be. You can have a small patio that is still a focal point for the garden, as well as fitting in with the rest of your garden design.

When choosing your location don’t feel that your patio has to be close to the house. This placement may be closer to the kitchen for cooking ease, but it may also be in the full sun or dark shade, neither being your choice. By placing your patio along the side or back of your property you may even find yourself creating more privacy from neighbors, or giving yourself a better view of your own house and garden. In a small garden the distances are never all that great anyways.

Your patio can be of any shape you desire. Try to break away from the mold of basic rectangular or square shapes. Circular or semi circular are often more attractive, unless your garden design is very formal and all based on square lines. To soften the edge between the patio and lawn a low planter can be very effective. This also allows for more gardening space in a very small lot. High walls can be used on one or two sides but best to keep them open as in a privacy screen. A solid wall made of blocks or bricks will be overbearing and make your patio appear much smaller than it is. You can also plant climbing vines and small shrubs in front of the screen to protect the patio area from the wind.

In gardens of uneven terrain a few steps down into the patio creates a warm invitation to the area. Alternately a raised patio gives you a viewpoint of the rest of the garden. It only takes a little change in elevation to create a mood, so even flat sites can be altered by bringing in a bit of fill.

Probably one of the most important aspects of your patio is your choice of paving material. This will of course depend on your personal taste and budget. Mix things up for interest such as using bricks with larger slabs. Try to use materials that will accompany the materials used on your house. This always gives the total yard a more complete and finished appearance.

When placing your furniture choose chairs and tables that are appropriate in size to your patio. Large sets will not only appear overbearing but will take up precious floor space as well. Consider built in seats to save space and give a well designed look. Add a few pots of colorful flowers, but again choose the size carefully and don’t over do it. Fix yourself a tasty cool drink and sit aback and relax in your own special place.


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