Polished Plaster At Affordable Price

Polished plaster, also known as Venetian plaster, can be very expensive for most home redecoration projects. Price per square-foot can range from $5-$8 for one type of Venetian plaster and can even rise depending on the size, location and design. With this in mind, we can come up with some ideas on how to save on a home improvement project such as this.

Resourcefulness and creativity are just some of the qualities of a smart homeowner, and with some research there is hope for some savings. The following are only some ideas that can save some of the costs in getting a luxurious plaster wall.

· Look for a company that specializes in affordable polished plaster. Remember that as with any other home improvement product, being expensive does not always mean top quality. If you wish to save without compromising quality, look for independent companies that offer good workmanship at an affordable price.

· In working with polished plaster, numerous masterpieces can be created juts by mixing different ratios of aged lime putty, marble dust, sand, pigments, earth oxides and other materials. You can save some amount of money just by a

Plaster in Pompeji. Deutsch: Putz in Pompeji.

Plaster in Pompeji. Deutsch: Putz in Pompeji. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ltering the grade of plaster to use on your project. A skilled and experienced worker may combine the materials in such a way that a luxurious look is achieved at a lower cost.

· One great way to keep costs down is to cover only on part of the wall or one part of the room. This gives you the opportunity to experience the luxury of having polished plaster in your room, without having to cover the entire place. This can be applied at the ceiling or on one particular wall that you wish to emphasize.

· Just by having polished plaster interior in your home saves you from incurring expenses in repainting, refinishing and refurbishing on a frequent basis, such as in regularly painted interior. Polished plaster lasts a very long time and is very easy to maintain. Just wipe the surface with a cloth, apply wax if needed and buff. Polished plasters are durable because of having lasting materials, such as lime putty and crushed marble. Just as the palazzos of Venice have retained their splendor, so will the interior of your home.

Having polished plaster interior on walls creates a sense of opulence, extravagance and grandeur to any home or building. That is why the popularity of polished plaster has never faded throughout history. Bring home the luxury and style of marble like walls of Marmorino or the rich texture of the Tadelakt at a lower cost. Save us much as you can with some research. Inquire about it from your friends who are lucky enough to have such walls and devise some ways to save. This way, you can incorporate classic luxury into your modern home.

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