Preparing a Toilet for Plumbing Services

A toilet that won’t flush can be so frustrating. You watch as the water rises and silently beg it not to overflow. You don’t want to clean that stuff off the floor. It’s inevitable that it will overflow so act fast. Plumbing services companies can keep your toilet running well and save you from those nasty clean-up projects.

What to do in an Emergency

The first thing you can do is remove anything from the area that can be ruined or soiled by the water. Rugs, towels, step stools, stacks of toilet paper and garbage cans can be put up on the counter, or better yet, in the bathtub or shower. They won’t get soiled and you won’t have to replace them. The second thing you can do is turn off the water to the toilet. The valve is usually near the floor behind the seat. If you shut off the supply, the overflow should stop. Next, keep the water from getting into the hallway by building a dam with towels. Don’t pick your favorite ones. Try the swimming towels or last year’s colors. Call a plumber to set up your appointment.

What to do While You Wait

This is your chance to mop up the water and get the place ready for the plumber. Wear rubber gloves if you have them. This will protect you and your family from getting sick. It will also make it easier to stomach the job ahead. Use a mop with a disposable head to sop up the water and wring it into a bucket. You can flush the water down a working toilet. Don’t send it down the kitchen sink or the shower drain as it isn’t clean water and will contaminate the surfaces it comes in contact with. Use an antibacterial cleanser to wipe down any areas and cleaning supplies the water touched including the bucket. You can throw away the mop head and any rags that aren’t dear to your heart. If you wish to keep them, wash them in super hot water.

Helping the Repair to Move Along

If you have any decorations sitting on the toilet tank or one the counter nearby, you’ll want to move those out of the way. Your plumber will have a lot of tools to bring in and will need every inch of space to work. You can protect your counters with old blankets or towels. Have a couple more towels on hand just in case and have an empty laundry basket in the hall so you don’t end up dripping from one end of the house to the other. Once the repair is complete and the plumber is on his way, you can finish cleaning up. Go ahead and put your bathroom back together again. Your family will be glad to have their routine back and you’ll be glad you hired a professional for your plumbing services needs. A plumber’s thorough repair and maintenance should open your pipes and help prevent future problems.

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