Research before Buying Carpets

As per the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the origin of carpet industry in United States dates as far back as 1791. First woven carpet mill was setup by William Sprague in Philadelphia. Ever since, the industry has gone through some remarkable changes. It is incredible to note that the craze for carpets refuses to fade away. Quality of carpeting has skyrocketed amongst commercial and residential property owners. Carpets are still a popular choice in the midst of stiff competition coming from floor tiles, vinyl flooring and wooden flooring.

Research should play a pivotal role if you are planning to purchase carpets. The fact that there are a wide variety of carpet variety makes it all the more important to spend quality time to zero down on the best choice as per your requirement.

These are two of the important parameters that you must take into account before buying carpets:

  • Pricing –Today, carpet industry has expanded to cosmic proportions. There are a lot of manufacturers and carpet retailers doing business directly with customers through the online medium. Expecting ethical conduct from each one of them will not be the right approach. You must ensure that you are not taken for a ride when it comes to carpet pricing. Most of the residential or commercial carpet prices can be searched effectively using the internet.
  • Color – The color of carpeting that you choose must go down well with the overall look and feel of your home interiors. If space is not a luxury you enjoy then light color choices will make your room look more spacious. Darker colors will make your room look smaller. Green, gray and teal are popular color choices when it comes to carpets.

Research is therefore a critical activity to ensure that the carpet you purchase will last longer and justifies the investment made.

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