Robotic Pool Cleaners Vs Manual Vacuuming

When it comes to cleaning your pool, there are two methods to go about it. The first is to manually clean the pool with a vacuum attachment. The other is through the help of a robotic pool cleaner. There are pros and cons with both, so you need to weight your options before you decide exactly the kind of pool cleaner to go with.

For starters, the robot pool cleaner is going to allow you to sit by the pool and enjoy a nice drink while the robot cleans the bottom of the pool. This saves on your back and arm muscles, which is especially helpful if you have problems with these muscles. In this case, the less you lift the better.

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Of course, manual vacuuming allows you to aim right at the problem areas of the pool. This might actually clean the pool faster than the robotic pool cleaner, just because you can target areas that need the cleaning. This gives you a cleaner pool faster, which is helpful should you have guests coming over. The robotic pool cleaner runs over the entire bottom of the pool, so it might take some time before reaching the necessary area. If you don’t have a schedule and don’t mind the robot taking its time, then this is a good option.

When you own a robotic pool cleaner for swimming pool care, you probably still need a manual vacuum attachment. This is because the robotic pool cleaner doesn’t always pick up all the necessary dirt and debris, especially when in corners of the pool. You don’t always need to clean up after the robot, but it is occasionally necessary. If you don’t mind buying both products, than you are fine to use the robotic pool cleaner, but if you are on a tight budget, opt for the manual vacuum instead of both objects.

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