Simple Garage Customization Projects

If you love the look of a garage customization project, but hate the wallet busting cost that often accompanies it then you need some simple tips that offer great results with little expense. Some of the best custom garage makeovers do not cost nearly as much as the end results would suggest. Below are two great tips that can make a big impact.

Finishing the Concrete

Finishing the Concrete (Photo credit: anastaz1a)

The broad, poured concrete slab that makes up the flooring in the majority of the nation’s garages is one of the quickest things to upgrade. Today, you can buy a concrete floor sealer or stain that is able to transform concrete flooring in just a weekend. These solutions usually involve a mild acid that interacts with the chemicals in concrete to produce a wide variety of colors. Many of these coatings can even mimic the look of natural stone. Best of all, the total cost can be less than a few hundred dollars for most one and two car garages.

The front of a garage offers a real opportunity to add style and value. A metal garage door may be expensive to replace, but it is a very affordable thing to paint. There are even faux finishes that can allow a metal door to take on the glow and natural feel of a wooden garage door. With a bit of practice, many homeowners can achieve professional looking results. Another great idea is to use contrasting colors for the body and individuals panels of the door. This can provide a hip, updated look.

These are but two tips and a bit of web searching will result in many more cost saving ideas. The reason that these two are top choices is the big impact that there improvement can have on a space. The cost is justified and these improvements may lead to a higher resale value and will definitely enhance curb appeal.

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