Taking Care of Mold Problems in Your Home

If you have just gone through the process of mold remediation, you will understand how important it is to take preventative measures against mold.  When you take the right preventative measures, you may be able to avoid health problems, and the time and money that mold remediation requires.

Water and moisture are the key to mold growth within your home.  When you live in a particularly humid area of the country, it becomes even more important to get rid of as much moisture and water in your home as you can.

While you are getting rid of the water and moisture in your home, you should create a system of moisture removal. This way, getting rid of moisture that comes into your home will become second nature and you will not even have to think about the process.

Without water and moisture, mold is not going to survive or thrive within your home. Start by keeping your home clean, this way you can recognize any spills and you can recognize any areas where water or dampness is starting to emerge.

If water is left standing for twenty four hours, specific types of mold may start to invade. As soon as there is a spill, clean it up and dry it.

Do not let any type of spill or moisture sit until a later time.  Not only will you run the risk of forgetting to clean it up, but within twenty four hours you may find that mold has already started to grow in the area that was not cleaned up.

Keeping the humidity levels below 60n your home will also create an environment that is not optimal for mold growth. A great ventilation system or a dehumidifier can help you get the humidity levels in your home under control.

If you find that the humidity levels in your home are consistently exceeding 60 you may want to have your ventilation system examined.  This way, if there are any problems in the system you can get them fixed as soon as possible and minimize the risk of mold.

When you are designing a home, try to avoid putting carpet in any bathrooms or in the basement.  These are the two areas of your home that will become the most humid and carpet is a much more conducive place for mold to start growing.

As soon as you see any sign of mold, you will want to clean the mold. If you are experiencing negative health effects from the mold, you should not be the one to participate in the mold removal process.

Wearing the proper safety equipment while removing mold is mandatory. Wearing gloves and goggles is necessary to be able to clean the mold without exposing yourself to an even more dangerous situation.

After you are done cleaning, throw away any sponge or rag that came into contact with the mold. When mold continues to pop up, you may have an underlying problem that a professional will need to come in and take care of.


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