The Five Best Bathroom Decorating Tips

The bathroom is not just a room for doing the nasty, it is a room of secure privacy. The only place in a house to get udder and complete privacy is a bathroom. If your bathroom has a leaky faucet or the wallpaper is starting to chip off, perhaps it is time to redesign and redecorate your once boring bathroom. Here is five marvelous tips to creating your own personal dream bathroom.

First, make some lists. Though this seems like an easy task and you may feel that it is unnecessary, it is vital to creating a beautiful bathroom. Perhaps the most important part of redoing a bathroom is budgeting how much money you wish to plan on this project. Make a list of decorations you wish to purchase, and find out how much money each item costs. Create a checklist of what needs to be done, whether it is fixing a leak, painting the walls, or applying new tile. Nothing is free and it is important to know just how much you need to invest on the project.

The second tip to decorating your bathroom is to create some new space. It is easy to make a mess in the bathroom, when a lady gets ready for work in the morning you can sure bet she won’t put all of her belongings away. Right, ladies? There is always going to be left out makeup and flat irons, it is a part of the daily routine. Clothes are always going to be left on the floor and sometimes we just don’t have time to put away the mascara. There is an easy fix to this, and the answer is to buy storage containers.

The third tip to decorating a bathroom is to choose colors that make you feel calm. A brilliant bathroom might have matching tooth brush holders and soap dishes, but it is important to paint the bathroom a soothing color. Some colors that look fantastic in a bathroom is a light blue, beige, a light pink, or a nice lavender.

Fourth on the list of tips is to create your signature bathroom colors. A signature color is the color theme you choose for your bathroom. Towels that are the same color as each other are always in taste, and the towels can be a different color to compliment the color of the walls. Pink and purple, or blue and brown are great when you are complimenting the walls with the towels.

Lastly, it is important to have fun and touch it up with your own personal finesse. Perhaps you have a cute wooden basket to put your makeup in, do not be scared to mix things up. If you do not like the setup, switch it around!

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