Three Reasons Why The Installation Of Static Cling Window Privacy Film Is Easier Than That Of Adhesive Films

If you are looking to purchase some window privacy film for use in your home or office, then you may find yourself trying to decide whether to purchase static cling window privacy film or an adhesive backed window privacy film. In virtually all cases, you will be better off using static cling window film, because it is so much easier to install and work with. In this article, I will discuss three reasons why static cling window privacy film is a lot easier to install than its adhesive backed counterpart.

An Understanding Of Static Cling And Adhesive Window Films

Before we begin, it is important to understand the differences between static cling and adhesive window films. Static cling window film relies solely on the power of static electricity to keep it on the window. Adhesive window films are films that contain an adhesive that facilitates bonding with the window. As you will see, this adhesive can really complicate things when it comes time to install the film.

Adhesive Film Is A Lot Thinner Than Static Cling Film

One reason why adhesive window privacy film is more difficult to install than static cling film is the fact that adhesive films are generally a lot thinner. This makes the film a lot easier crinkle and tear, requiring painstaking care during installation. This can also have an effect on the way that the film will look on your window. On the other hand, static cling window privacy film is generally a lot thicker and won’t tear and crinkle to the extent that adhesive films will.

Adhesive Films May Stick To Themselves

When working with adhesive films, you may find that the film folds over and sticks to itself once you remove it from the backing paper. If you have never dealt with window film before, then this can produce a real headache for you. With static cling window films, this is not an issue, since no messy adhesive is involved.

Positioning Static Cling Window Privacy Films Is Much Easier

If you have never installed window film before, then you will find that a big part of it involves positioning the film on the window so that is evenly distributed and appears to be symmetrical about the window. With static cling window film, all that you have to do is spray the window with a mixture of soapy water and slide the film on the window to where you need it. With adhesive films, you do not have this luxury, as it sticks to wherever you put it first. This means that you only have one chance to get it right, with very little margin for error. This often results in the need for professional installation, which can be quite costly.

A thicker film that is easier to work with, the absence of a messy adhesive, and easier positioning are three reasons why the installation of static cling window privacy film is a lot easier than the installation of adhesive backed films.

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