Three Steps to Turning Your Garage Into a Man Cave

Every man needs a space in his home to call his own. They’re call man caves. It’s the place with wood paneling and leather chairs, a flat screen TV and a kickin’ sound system. Throw in a poker table, a mini fridge and a deer head on the wall and you’ve got yourself a little slice of heaven. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t built with a man cave in mind. Designers are more worried about storage space and kitchen cabinets. With a little effort, your man cave could be no further away than your garage. All you need is a finished floor, pained walls and an insulated garage door from a Noblesville garage door company.

You Have Options Under Your Feet

Most concrete garage floors are stained and spotted from use. You’re probably okay with that as long as you’re parking cars in there or working on the motorcycle. For a proper man cave, you’re going to have to improve the look. Staining is a popular option. The stain comes in several colors. You can also get creative with concrete cutting and patterns. This can be a do-it-yourself project or you can call in the professionals for a truly upscale and enviable finish. Once the floor is stained, you’ll want at least one area carpeted. Ask your local installer for a remnant. You can often get these at half price and they come in everything from shag to industrial.

There’s More to Decorating Then Just Paint

Yes, you’ll want to paint the sheetrock. Who ever heard of a white man cave? So pick a manly color. If you have limited natural lighting in the garage, you could go with cream walls and install bead board as a wainscot. Then, paint the lower half the dark color. This will give you a good balance and keep your man cave from resembling an actual cave. Now it’s time to make the space uniquely yours. Buy a neon sign, put some old oil cans on a shelf, dust off your stuffed elk head, and stock the mini fridge. If you want a space to mix drinks, put one in. Adding the extras is what will make this space work for you.

Keep Your Options Open and the Big Door Shut

In your quest for a man cave, you may run into some resistance. One huge bargaining chip is the benefits your man cave will have on the rest of the family. Installing an insulated garage door will help your home retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer thus reducing your energy bills. In turn, the new door will help keep your cave at a comfortable temperature without added energy costs. You could argue that Noblesville garage doors improve the look of your home, up its resale value and increase your home’s security. Instead of walling off the garage opening, a new garage door keeps your options open for using the space differently in the future. However, once you’ve experience life with a man cave you may never want to go back.

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