Time To Switch To LED Lighting?

It has been fairly obvious for a while now that LED spot lights are seriously cutting into the spot light market, which was not so long ago owned by halogen lamps. This is for the very good reason that to run them requires roughly ten times less power, which is a major benefit where dwindling energy resources and climate change are concerned. It also translates into massively reduced running costs for consumers as well.

This is clearly great news for the many homeowners and businesses that have lots of halogen lamps installed (often as recessed down lights). But what any good LED light bulbs review will reveal is that LED is now becoming increasingly available in many other commonly used formats. For example, there are 6 watt LED versions of the traditional globe shaped bulb that match incandescent light bulbs in the range 40 to 60 watts

There are also LED replacements for those funny little G4 halogen capsules that turn up in surprisingly many places – chandelier and cluster light fittings, display cabinets and pretty well every desk lamp in the world.

Being only 20 watts a piece you could be forgiven for thinking that replacing a halogen G4 with an LED using 2 watts ins


Light-emitting diode (LED) #1tead wouldn’t really count for much. But when you add them all up you’ll be surprised how much it actually comes to. And that’s a whole lot of electricity (i.e. money) that could easily cost you ten times less than it currently does.


But there’s no getting away from the fact that a major hurdle for many people is the initial purchase price of the bulbs themselves, which is quite a bit more than an incandescent bulb of equivalent brightness. Yet when you stop to work it out, the savings in running costs are so massive that you should be able to recoup this investment in about a year and continue saving money for many years to come.

So then, at ten times cheaper to run, how much better does it have to get before you decide it’s time to switch to LED lighting?

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