Tips on Maintaining Vinyl Windows

A home should be diligently maintained to keep it in good shape. A home is ones castle and a familys safe refuge from the harsh elements that the outside world might bring. To keep the family safe from the bad weather, from the storm and even from natural calamities, a house must be sturdy and every part of it must be able to withstand these conditions. One very important part of the house is the windows to keep the residents from getting exposed from the harsh weather.

If your windows are already showing wear and inefficiency in maintaining ideal temperature in the house has become greatly diminished, then its time to get new vinyl replacement or new construction windows. They are durable and provide excellent insulation to keep the house warm during winter, and cold during summer. Maintaining vinyl windows is fairly easy and should not involve costly labor costs and cleaning agents. Unlike other types of windows, vinyl windows do not require painting, buffing, sanding and varnishing. They are generally maintenance-free, but would need some TLC once in a while to keep it in top shape.

Many manufacturers and window dealers offer lifetime warranty for their vinyl windows. This is generally true, but without proper care, vinyl windows can also become vulnerable to the elements. Therefore, as a homeowner, you will need to keep some simple maintenance routine to preserve the beauty and efficacy of vinyl windows.

First, regular washing can keep your windows clean. It does not have to be an intensive activity and can last for only a few minutes. Indoors, you can just wet a soft cloth and wipe the windows. Once you have cleared the windows from dust that may have accumulated over time, spray some mild soap over the glass panes. Spread the soap over the glass using wet cloth. Wipe off dirt on the glass panes and also the vinyl sash, frame, handle (if any), concentrating on the corners. Then, once all the dirt has been removed, wipe with a clean wet cloth until all the soap has been absorbed. Wipe dry with another clean piece of cloth and a newspaper on the glass panes to keep them lint-free.

The above process can be repeated for the exterior side of the windows. Wiping the vinyl windows is all it takes to keep them clean and fresh. Moreover, it is recommended that you check the windows regularly for leaks in the caulking as well as the sides of the glass to ensure that everything is as it should be. If you notice some leakage, you can caulk the part to prevent the problem from spreading.

Proper maintenance is the key to efficient and functional vinyl windows. Although they do not require much attention to keep them in good shape, it is a good idea to keep tabs on their condition to maintain excellent performance and optimum energy efficiency.

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