Two Main Reasons Why Vertical Blinds Are Good At Blocking the Sun

Vertical blinds are a minimalist’s dream come true.  Simple, structured, and basic, vertical blinds are the savvy window treatment selection for the family or business that’s not interested in fussy or overly dramatic decorations.  Vertical blinds are an excellent choice aesthetically for any home or office, and they offer plenty of flexibility in filtering the daylight into your rooms or offices.

In terms of function, vertical blinds are practical and they do an excellent job of blocking out or ju

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st filtering the sunlight.  With slats hanging from top to bottom, the vertical slats create vertical openings to control light and easily filter out the direct UV rays. The slats can pivot a full 180 degrees, from a completely closed position to wide open.

UV rays can damage soft furnishings such as rugs, sofas, upholstered chairs and even curtains.  With so much of home décor being more expensive purchases, it’s important to prolong their usefulness and keep them looking just as good as the day you bought them.

Vertical blinds can also be drawn open horizontally, extending the entire width of the window or just partially. You can adjust the horizontal positioning according to your preference as the time of day and angle of light changes throughout the day.

The materials that vertical blinds are made from are another reason for their effectiveness in blocking out sunlight.  Strong and sturdy, vertical blinds will keep the sunlight out and they are very durable as well.  Frequent, gentle dusting will keep the vertical blinds clean and in excellent condition, ensuring their effectiveness for years of usefulness.  If you’re still not sure that vertical blinds are the right selection for you, call Budget Blinds today for a free in-home consultation.

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