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didn’t upload in a few days plz comment story: Hailey: Joey… can i stay with you? Joe: (smiles) of course Girly right? (looks at Demi) Demi: of course she can…. your room is still the same… i just think you want to have new things inside of it Hailey: uhh yeah probably… Adam: (reaches his hands out towards Hailey) Joe: (smiles) Hailey: can I… can i hold him? (looks at Demi) Demi: sure (smiles) Hailey: (smiles and walks over and takes Adam in her arms) he is so cute Adam: (giggles) cute… (plays with her long curly hair) Hailey: (smiles) awww Demi: you want to bring him to bed? Hailey: already? Demi: when someone wakes up at 5 in themorning cause he can’t sleep anymore he is tired at 6 in the evening and he didn’t take a nap today Hailey: where is his room Demi: I can show you, it’s across from your room Hailey: oh okay (starts to walks upstairs and looks at Adam smiling) you know i alwas wanted a little brother, even when you are not really my brother now, i will takes care of you Joe: (smiles and wappes his arms around Demi) this went better then i thought it would be Demi: (smiles) I’m so glad you are here now Joe: yeah me too, I missed you to death Demi: same here (pecks his lips) Joe: where are you sleeping? Demi: c’mon I will show you (jumps u, takes Joe’s hand and drags him with her upstairs) Hailey: (looking around still with Adam in her arms) wow… his room is big Demi: I can let people design your room new, it is big too Hailey: really? you would do
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