What Do You Do With The Floor In An Unfinished Basement: Paint It

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If you have an unfinished basement then you are wasting a lot of space that could be used for a variety of activities. From a play room for the kids, to a man cave where football can play all day Sunday with no interruptions. It is really surprising how many people have a basement they could make into a great living space with just a littler amount of work and some imagination. You can also do it pretty cheaply.
All you have to do for the walls is add some roll out insulation and then nail up sheet rock. If you have a buddy that finishes sheet rock walls then buy him some beer and see if he will come over and tape the walls. These guys are so fast that a normal size basement room can usually be taped in an hour or two. They use a tool called a bazooka which has the tape and “mud” all together. All the guy does is push the nose of the bazooka along the seams of the panels and tape is applied. This really may be enough for you but if you want the floors smoother then have him come back and spend a few hours on the finishing.
If you don’t know any guys with these skills then you can do it yourself. It takes some practice but I have completely re-sheetrocked two homes now and I am not too bad at it any more. Once the walls are done you can shoot on texture and then paint. Don’t forget to start with a sheet rock primer or the paint won’t cover very well.
The next project will be dealing with that ugly, gray cement floor. Many people paint cement floors and this is definitely a great choice. There are many different types of floor paint but I would recommend an epoxy. For the basement you can go with a water based epoxy which will give good coverage for just foot traffic. If you were going to be painting the floor in your garage or your driveway then I would choose the better quality two part epoxy. This gives a resulting thickness cover which is about three times thicker than the water based variety. You need this thickness in order to stand up to automobile traffic going into and out of the garage.
If you epoxy the floor then don’t forget to spread out an anti-slip additive before the paint dries. This is a gritty material that will give you good footing if the floor happens to get wet from spilled beer at your Superbowl party. Epoxy cures to a very hard surface and thus will really be slick if it is wet.
Once your walls and floor are done all you have to do is bring in the TV and a couch or two and you are ready to go. This is only the start and many people will also add a bar and game area. Whatever you decide to do, adding this extra useable space will be great and will add value to your home.

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