Why Agriculture Sector Should Embrace Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics and geoponics are two methods of growing crops. Of the two, geoponics is more widely accepted. After all there’s no better way to grow crops than in soil, right? That’s where the agricultural sector is wrong because in reality, hydroponics or growing plants in water is better. Hydroponics gardening is an efficient way to grow crops compared to geoponics.

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Hydroponics is a convenient method of farming due to a number of reasons. First of all, there is no need to cultivate land with it and that includes digging, raking, and all that hard work. Land cultivation takes a lot of time and money. But because there is no soil involved in hydroponics gardening, there is nothing to cultivate in the first place. Another convenient fact about hydroponics is that farmers no longer have to worry about crop rotation. It is only a problem with geoponics wherein soil ends up with varying amounts of nutrients at different places.

Economically wise, hydroponics gardening brings a lot of advantages. Aside from giving the agricultural sector savings on equipment and labor used to cultivate land and eradicate weeds, they also get to spend less on providing crops with the nutrients they need. In geoponics, they have to spend millions every year on fertilizers alone but this amount is drastically reduced with hydroponics since nutrients are introduced directly into the water.

Crops are also healthier with hydroponics gardening. There is equal distribution of nutrients wherever plants are grown. In addition to this, pesticides and herbicides for killing pests and weeds are not needed in this farming strategy. Consumers can benefit from organic and nutrient-filled crops with hydroponics, things that are difficult to achieve with geoponic farming which is probably why these healthy benefits are absent not present in it. Integrity of one’s health is also a cause for concern with geoponic crops. Since they are grown in soil, they could get contaminated with infected waste material.

Revenue-wise, hydroponics gardening does not only produce greater and more successful yield than geoponics, the farming method is also consistent with results. Crops are secluded from environmental factors other than sunlight and this results in more harvests.

The farming industry in general is better off with hydroponics, so to speak. The only problem is not very many are receptive to its charm. But once doubt is removed, I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire agricultural sector will shift to hydroponics gardening.

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