Why People Do Their Own Fiberglass Shower Repairs

For those who are part of large families, especially the ones that have active children, their main challenge is usually dealing with home repairs. We have to face this reality which means we should find ways to start learning a thing or two about doing our own home repairs.

When we are dealing with fiberglass shower repair we should try to find out if this is something that we can actually repair our selfs, or if it is now time to start thinking about installing a new fiberglass shower enclosure or at least a shower surround. If you are dealing with scratches or even a hole that is smaller than a quarter it is still considered repairable.

If you are going to be repairing your own fiberglass shower all you need is a repair kit, a non-abrasive cleaner, a putty knife that will serve as your applicator and a sheet of 600 grit wet-dry sandpaper. When you are dealing with a bigger hole the best thing to do is to check on getting a new fiberglass shower stall. Whatever issue you are facing the most important thing is trying to do these repairs on your own. We all know that paying a contractor may be costly that is why we should try to learn how to do these simple repairs by yourself.

To start doing your own fiberglass repair you should start by cleaning the area that is damaged. Use your non abrasive cleaner so that you will not scratch the fiberglass when you begin to clean the surface. Read the instructions of the repair kit and simply follow them. Most kits include the reinforcement tape and if what you purchased has one you should use them so that it becomes more stable. Let it dry and follow the time that is prescribed. Lastly sand the area using your 600 grit sand paper so you can iron out the edges. While doing this you can apply some water so that you can easily even out the surface scratches making them less noticable.

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