Why You Should Invest in a Home Generator

Recently, the east coast of the United States has been experiencing record high temperatures.  To make matters worse, in the past week huge thunderstorms in the same area left more than four million homes without power—and it is predicted that some of the homes won’t regain power for another week.

Suffice it to say, being forced to live without air conditioning when temperatures are above 100 degrees can be a miserable experience.  For some, it can even be hazardous and lead to serious health problems like heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Even when heat isn’t a problem, many of those families now have hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled food.

Home generators reduce stress and discomfort

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all the stress, wasted money, and health hazards of power outages.  By investing in generators St. Louis, you can ensure that your home always has power, no matter how severe the weather.

Home generators have many benefits, and they can save you money in the long run—especially in areas that are prone to power outages.

Here are some cool facts about home generator systems:

  • You will have the option of choosing between portable generators—which can be carried around, but which must also be manually turned on and off—and permanent standby generators, which are permanently installed on your property and which are directly connected to your power supply.
  • Most generators run off natural gas or propane, meaning that they will continue to power your home no matter how long the outage lasts.
  • There are many different sizes and wattages of generators, and you can choose which one best fits the needs of your home.  The larger models can power most everything in your home, from alarms to air conditioning systems to kitchen appliances.  All models will power essential things like health monitoring devices.
  • Generators automatically switch themselves on in the case of an outage, and will turn off as soon as power is restored—and there’s generally only a very short, few second wait before the backup power kicks in.  This means that the power outage will essentially cause you no discomfort or stress—though you may find that all your neighbors want to hang out at your house while the outage lasts.

Generators are very durable, and generally require very little maintenance.  In short, home generators are a great investment, as they will help guarantee the comfort and security of your home for many years in the future.

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