Window Treatments for Your Master Bedroom

Decorating your master bedroom is a process many home owners overlook, yet it can have the single most important impact in your daily life. The master bedroom is where one spends a significant amount of time getting ready for the day and also unwinding from the days. The type of decor you choose can potentially positively or negatively affect your mood throughout the remainder of the day. Create a warm, relaxing and inviting space that speaks calm to your mind by choosing decor and window treatments accordingly.

Long drapes for wide, picture windows in solid hues and nondescript patterns are a great choice for window treatments for your master bedroom. Choose three colors that compliment each other and stick with those shades throughout the room. Drapes should have a lining underneath to effectively block light and allow you to sleep in darkness throughout the night and day. The lining also serves as a great privacy barrier for your room, and is especially helpful in letting light in while still allowing privacy.

Valences topping the drapes are another way to add depth and warmth to an otherwise bare master bedroom. Keep in mind that if you choose to hang valences, you will need a special curtain rod to properly secure them. I’ve seen some valances made out of wood, wrapped in the drapery fabric and embellished making your window treatments very custom.

For additional privacy and light-filtering options, consider mini blinds, roman shades or plantation shutters. These work great especially for smaller windows. Large picture windows or sliding glass doors may benefit more from vertical blinds. A combination of these type of window treatments along with valences, drapes or curtains can completely change the mood in your master bedroom and transform it into a warm, inviting and cozy space.  My house is a bit drafty and I recently installed thermal drapery in my bedroom.   What a difference it made in the summer, keeping the heat out, I look forward to not being in a room that is cold and drafty.

BedroomIf you choose to buy rods or other window treatment hardware, keep in mind measurements and bring a tape measure for handy reference. When you hang the rods, consider hanging them well above the window top and extend it past the window to make the window appear much larger than it actually is. This method brightens up any room considerably.

Continue the theme from the window treatments in the master bedroom into the rest of the house, and you will find the stress and tense feeling once present begins to melt away.

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