Wood or Vinyl Window Replacement: Which is Better?

If your current windows are not doing any good when it comes to boosting your home’s value, then there is really no point in keeping them. The trend nowadays is centered on energy-efficient replacement windows. In case you do not wish to put the visual element in compromise, there are types and designs of windows which can cater your specific needs. You can have attractive and energy-efficient windows simultaneously with the apt choice. This article will try to compare wood and vinyl replacement windows to help give you an idea of which one is the best for you.


Wood replacement windows are better than vinyl replacement windows, when it comes to aesthetics. Wood sticks out with a beautiful finish which is a simple compliment for the outdoor and interior design of a home. Its innate distinctness makes wood perfect to match with glass. The whole effect is actually a holistic and sophisticated style. Alternatively, vinyl windows are not entirely an eyesore; however, they do not stand out much either. They serve their purpose of being a great window, but they are not as visually appealing as compared to wood windows. So with regards to aesthetic appeal, windows made of wood have the upper hand.

Energy Efficiency:

This is actually among the most essential aspects when selecting window replacements. In fact, this is one major reason as to why many people would even consider replacing their existing windows with brand new ones. Apt room ventilation can significantly minimize electricity expenses. You can go for natural ventilation using wide open replacement windows as substitute for heating systems and AC units, or secure replacement windows which can keep cold air inside during the hot summer months and warmth inside during rainy and winter seasons. Wood windows are actually natural insulators. These windows are excellent energy savers. Vinyl windows are energy-efficient alternatives as well. It is highly suggested that you hire an expert window replacement installer for whichever kind of window to ensure that it performs its function well in providing maximum energy-efficiency inside your home.


Wood windows easily outweigh vinyl replacement in the energy-efficiency and aesthetic aspect; however, when it comes to price, vinyl is easily the winner. Vinyl replacement windows are a lot cheaper as opposed to wood, which is why many homeowners prefer having these windows installed in their homes; rather than wood. In case you are to replace many windows, then budget would surely be a deciding factor when selecting the replacement window to purchase and install. Make it certain that you consider maintenance as well. A window that requires frequent resealing and repainting will cause you to spend more sooner or later.

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